Best Edibles in Colorado

CBD-infused edibles have been increasingly getting attention since Colorado opened the weed-gates, and this is for a good reason. Not everyone wants smoke in their lungs to reach their desired high, and edibles offer a reasonable alternative. They are also a favored choice for beginners. They come in the form of many of the beverages you already love, like cookies, chocolates, brownies, etc.

There are a host of CBD edibles available to buy across dispensaries in Colorado, giving you a wide range of choices from which you can select what you think does it for you. So, if you are looking for the best Colorado edibles you can get, we have made the search much easier for you by curating some of the best products:

Stillwater’s Ripple

Now, this is a product you want to try. Its acclaimed versatileness applies to everything – everything! It comes in the form of a flavorless, odorless, sugar-free, fat-free, and marijuana-infused powder that can be added to anything including water without the slightest hint of a change in taste. It is such an innovative product that maximizes your control over your edible experience. Whether you want to apply it to your coffee or some food is totally up to you. Ripple comes in three formulations: 10mg of THC, 50/50 THC/CBD, and 10mg of CBD. This product can be picked up in Smokin Gun Apothecary, a recreational marijuana dispensary in Glendale, Colorado.

Suck It

This fruity flavored candy strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sour that might very well keep you wanting more. Suck It comes in a variety of wildly imaginative flavors, each a unique experience. It is dosed at 2.5mg, 5mg, or 10mg per sweet. So, whether you are into apple, strawberry, or even watermelon flavors, you are assured of a pleasant experience with this product, especially for sublingual dosing.

Love’s Oven

Love’s Oven offers a bunch of delicious baked food that is entirely handmade from scratch with a very high standard of quality. Their options range from the mouth-watering baklava to peanut butter brownies. You just cannot resist how delicious these are. It comes as no surprise that Love’s Oven is one of the leading edible sellers in Colorado. This is due to the high level of attention that they pay to their products, ensuring that the taste, texture, and flavor are all geared to your utmost satisfaction. They also offer strain-specific products, thereby giving you unbridled freedom to determine in detail your experience, which makes it perfect for both recreational and medical use. With their products being sold in over 100 dispensaries in Colorado, they are quite easy to find.


This is one of Colorado’s original infused products; they are well-acclaimed for producing Colorado’s most popular sour gummies. The Wana Brand has had its sights set on the highest level of professionalism, quality, and consistency from the very beginning. This is reflected in their products very much. You should check out their popular sour gummies, which are made from a delicious mix of Grape, Lemon, Green Apple, Water Melon, Raspberry, and Orange flavors, birthing a flavor that is bound to become an instant customer-favorite. In addition to great flavor, Wana’s sour gummies are infused with a high-quality tincture rather than sprayed; and are completely made from gluten-free ingredients.

The brand also recently launched Quick Fast-Acting Gummies, which are designed to have an onset of 5-15 minutes and deliver a more inhalation-like experience for customers that desire such. Wana’s products are available in a variety of CBD and THC ratios, allowing customers to select what dosage works for them.

Coda Signature Chocolate

Coda Signature is a top market-share holder in the cannabis-infused chocolate industry, largely a result of their largely successful and award-winning products. This brand crafts premium edibles featuring bold flavor combinations that blend perfectly with their high-quality cannabis oil. Their product options range from their best-selling truffles to chocolate bars. The intrinsic quality of their products seems to be well appreciated by customers, as four of the top 10 best-selling edible products in Colorado, according to BDS analytics, are manufactured by Coda Signature. Coda Signature Chocolate products are available in over 500 dispensaries across Colorado, so you should be able to get your hands on one of these chocolate perfections with ease.


The first drinkable edible on this list and it is one like no other. Cannapunch drinks are non-carbonated, 100% natural, completely vegan, gluten-free, and made from the highest quality Colorado cannabis. The drinks come in a variety of delightful flavors such as pineapple, mango, grape, and watermelon. You should be cautious when consuming Cannapunch drinks, though. They contain 100mg of THC. To facilitate safe consumption, Cannapunch provides a convenient measuring cup with each bottle for ultra-accurate dosing.


1906 is a highly professional brand that offers a variety of products for different purposes, best believe they excel in their respective purposes. Their Midnight product is excellent for inducing natural and relaxing sleep. It is specifically designed to relieve body pain and tension. ‘Chill’ is perfect for soothing sore muscles and even an overactive mind. ‘Love’ is a well-known aphrodisiac made from herbs that help escalate blood flow in the pelvic region, thus, increasing libido. ‘Go’ helps enhance performance and gives you a burst of alertness and focus. ‘Bliss’ is designed to provide you with that happy mood burst that can very well make your day. 1906 uses a lipid micro-encapsulation process that allows you to feel the edibles very quickly with a timeframe of 20 minutes or less. In terms of production, be rest assured that 1906 is pushing the heights professionalism in conducting processes.

Colorado is undoubtedly the best place to fish for CBD edibles. There are so many options out there for you to try out. Just remember to start small and gradual if you are new to edibles’ usage to ensure things don’t get out of control. Besides that, you are in for a pleasant experience.