Church Wrongful Termination Suit in Sonoma County

Recent news updates reveal that judge at Sonoma County Superior Court has exercised power against a previous parish office manager. This incident is related to the St. Apollinaris Sonoma county church of Napa and involved officer revealed that she was fired right after rising the issue related to misuse of collected funds in the church. This is a matter of wrongful termination attorney.

As per a tentative statement issued by Judge Allan Hardcastle by the beginning of this month, Jo Savage, who was an employee of the same church for past 28 years, has not provided any solid evidence to prove that her termination from church on 7th May 2015 was resulted due to retaliatory response towards all the allegations she made against Father William Donahue of St. Apollinaris church.

Reports reveal that a day before the issuing of termination statement, Savage had a meeting with Monsignor Daniel Whelton. Note that he is a vicar of priests in the Santa Rosa Catholic Diocese. However, judge Hardcastle in his recent statement said that Savage was not able to present a causal link between the firing and the meeting leading to wrongful termination attorneys.

Hardcastle also wrote that the court has not found any solid evidence or testimony regarding the matter. There is no indication if Father Donahue at Sonoma county church was aware of the complaints and concerns raised by Savage; that she has otherwise discussed with Diocese.

In the countersuit, the church officials also accused Savage of doing huge mistakes and negligence in the parish account management. The church members said that Savage was also responsible for the huge tax penalties of $70,000. According to them, Savage used parish funds for making her personal credit card payments and that too without any explanation.

The church also claimed that Savage failed to get supportive documents from her daughter for the expenses of around $270,000 made for youth ministry.

On the other side, Savage claimed that the father, Donahue, remodelled a few parts of the rectory without hiring any certified or licensed contractor. She also stated that the constructions were carried out without proper permit while violating the safety, building and fire codes. Other than this, clams say that Father also hired an unqualified principal to conduct the management at Parish school.

However, during the proceedings, Hardcastle observed that savage was not able to present any solid proof regarding her termination and other claimed activities against Donahue. Various details presented by both the parties reveal that termination of Savage happened just because of the poor work performance.

After the decision, the people associated to Sonoma county church also said that they are happy with the decision. Moran, a partner, also added that Father Donahue has played an important role in managing funds of the parishioners from the past several years and they are happy that the court gave a statement in favor of his commitment.

Judge Hardcastle also rejected the complaint made by Savage that Donahue and his partners tried to defame her by spreading some rumors around. According to the judge, none of those rumors could be related to Father Donahue.