Secrets of the Knights Templars

Cannabis has become the new holy grail medicine at least in the United States of America. The history of Templars has been rather controversial. Moreover, everyone is aware that Friday the 13th is heavily associated with bad luck. But people rarely know that the reason behind this is because back in 1307, on Friday the 13th, various Templar properties were raided and every Templar found was arrested on the spot. This also included Grandmaster Jacques de Molay. Everything in their possession was seized and locked up in inventories.

Brief Introduction About the Templars:

The Templars consisted of fifteen thousand members during their peaking era. This number was rather impressive, taking in account that they existed during the late 1200s. They were scattered around Europe and Middle East and had acquired multiple properties, and hence, great piles of wealth, which was well maintained and taken care. They did not spare their snitches and reportedly burned them alive. They can definitely be termed as the legends in the world of cults and gangs.

Knights Templars

The Templars and Cannabis – the Holy Grail Drug

The holy grail drug and the templars have had a long relationship. There existed and Islamic Cannabis Cult who were known as the ‘Assassins’ or the ‘Hashishins’. They were considered the anti-heroes or the controversial heroes of the era of the Crusaders, and the Knights Templar. Moreover, they were accused by their enemies for sacrilege, drug taking, conducting sorcery, and the sexual orgies. The Assassins and the Templars were known to have some ‘cultural exchanges’, meaning that they were involved in same or similar activities and cannabis was used as ingredient in their various activities. When members were initiated into the Hashishins, they used to prepare a powerful for of hashish as they described it as a portal to get visions of paradise. Seems like they were aware of cannabis benefits back then.

What were the cannabis benefits back then?

Knights Templars

A potent form of hashish was known to put the person in a coma which made the person feel as if they had left their body and entered another world. Hashish is an Arabic word which literally means herbage or grass. Any person who had this drug was known as the healer as the people in those times were very well aware of cannabis benefits. The Templars were intrigued and infused hashish or cannabis into their culture and hence introduced it to Europe. The Templars were impressed because, they heard Arabian stories, and through their experience in the Middle East, they saw the Sufis, and the Assassins, expand their consciousness. The Templars further used it in various other products and even used it as an effective antiseptic. Cannabis was proven to be the safest medicine especially for the treatment of different types of epilepsy. When Cannabis reached Jerusalem, it was given the title of ‘elixir of Jerusalem’ because of its participation in maintaining their health, longevity, and strength. Moreover, it was also used in ointments which effectively treated wounds and various skin diseases.