Church  Wrongful  Termination  Suit  in  Sonoma  County

Church Wrongful Termination Suit in Sonoma County

Recent news updates reveal that judge at Sonoma County Superior Court has exercised power against a previous parish office manager. This incident is related to the St. Apollinaris Sonoma county church of Napa and involved officer revealed that she was fired right after rising the issue related to misuse of collected funds in the church. This is a matter of wrongful termination attorney. As per a tentative statement issued by Judge Allan Hardcastle by the beginning of this month, Jo Savage, who was an employee of the same church for past 28 years, has not provided any solid evidence to prove that her termination from church on 7th May 2015 was resulted due to retaliatory response towards all the allegations she made against Father William Donahue of St. Apollinaris…
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